What you need to know



Too much time at the computer?

Problems sitting or driving?  Hip or back pain?






Our lifestyles have locked us in an unnatural position for way too long.   Sitting is the new smoking, we’re told, yet many of us have no choice – our jobs require us to sit.  Unless you are sitting correctly and vertebral load runs properly down your spine, you may end up with a weak core and overtaxed lumbar muscles (low back pain).


We discovered a new product that makes you sit right!   Called the G-Seat, it comes in two sizes and three formats, affordable for everyone.



for tall men and larger frames


for women and medium frames


indoor/outdoor model, fits everyone

(currently out of stock)






The G-Seat positions the pelvis and your “sit-bones” so your core can be engaged to keep you upright and retain the spine’s natural curves. This prevents collapsed sitting posture (slumping), which starts a chain of improvement in your body! Your chest no longer weighs on your abdominal cavity, crowding internal organs. Your diaphragm can now expand and breathing becomes and becomes fuller and more natural.





Three prices, three models, to fit your body and budget! 

Great for home, office, car — easy to carry. 










This compact body-roller gets your muscles massaged and your circulation going.  Its contoured surface is easier on large muscle groups (quads & buttocks), and the pebbled surface kneads tissues gently to promote blood flow.


Better than smooth foam rollers — less pressure, less pain!  Use for even a couple of minutes a day to extend your spine and to recover from desk and sitting fatigue.


Comes with color-photo pamphlet for all body/muscle groups.