Secrets to Good Health



Minerals are one of the secrets to good health.  Most people are mineral deficient, particularly in iodine and magnesium.  Supplementing your body with iodine and magnesium is not only inexpensive, but the effects are noticeable!


Only decades ago, iodine was taken internally for many health-related complaints, and was easily found in drugstores.  Today, physicians support Big Pharma by prescribing expensive drug formulations for many of the same issues iodine addressed.  You do not need a prescription for iodine, but check with a health-care practitioner who knows about iodine (most do not)  if you have questions about how to take it.





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Why do we need iodine?

Our body cannot produce iodine, but it is critical to healthy metabolism. The thyroid gland is a master regulator and cannot make its hormones without iodine.  Found in ocean fish, seaweed and crops grown in mineralized soil, we once got iodine from food, but modern farming has stripped our soil, and elements like bromine, fluorine and chlorine are blocking iodine from our cell receptors.







Magnesium relaxes tissues and expands them.

Applying magnesium on the skin is a great way to supply it to muscles, joints and bones to lessen inflammation and promote nutrient transport and healing.

Do your body a favor!  Give it plenty of transdermal magnesium for easy supplementation and quick pain relief.  Try it at night for relaxation and sleep!


3-ounce tube $10    8-ounce pump $24




Why do we need magnesium?

Found abundantly in seawater, magnesium facilitates hundreds of our body’s biochemical exchanges and is essential for neurological function. It alkalinizes our blood and is needed by our muscles and bones.


Because today’s lifestyles expose us to chemicals and toxins, many of us have an acidic bloodstream.  Our individual cells are yielding their magnesium to the blood to keep the major organs going, and so our cells are becoming acidic themselves.  Without enough magnesium, our cells are dying or losing energy.