G-Seat Ultra (large size)
ergonomic pad

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The large G-seat for taller, larger, heavier frames!



•  Rotates pelvis to re-capture S-curve

•  Relieves pressure on sacrum & tailbone

•  Gel & memory foam — won’t compact

•  Portable — take from home to car to office!


For anyone who sits or drives a lot or has discomfort from doing so. The Ultra is the large-model G-seat, recommended for tall people, large frames or those with lots of body mass. The forward slope tilts your pelvis to recapture the mid-back S-curve that hunching over the computer eradicates. The rear cut-out takes pressure off the sacrum/tailbone (where poor sitting posture delivers vertebral load). Equipped with a handle, the pad folds in half and can be carried anywhere (actually very stylish!) … theater, restaurant, meetings … settings are endless. A patented design, this cushion (unlike foam products) contains a visco-elastic gel that does not compact over time. Excellent relief for hip/back pain, particularly from those bucket seats found today in so many cars!


Color may vary with available stock: Black or Chrome (beautiful dark metallic gray)

1 review for G-Seat Ultra (large size)
ergonomic pad

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is an amazing product, I truly wish I’d known about these seats before. Cured my back problems. Enough said.

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