Lugol’s Iodine with Fulvic
water base

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Note:  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Ask your health-care provider for more information, or read Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It by David Brownstein, MD


Lugol’s iodine is potassium iodide, and has been used as a supplement for many decades.  This 2% Lugol’s formulation includes selenium, zinc, and fulvic acid — all important aids in metabolizing iodine.  A 2-ounce bottle, often used in combination with nascent iodine.  (Potassium iodide, or KI, takes longer for the body to use than nascent or single-atom iodine; combining both kinds allows a later-in-the-day iodine “release” when the body breaks down the KI molecule into its separate components.)

 2 ounce bottle

1 review for Lugol’s Iodine with Fulvic
water base

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patricia Kephart (verified owner)

    AMAZING product!!!! First off as a sub to SGT report and a monthly Patreon donor, I adore Sean, at SGT report as well as Sofia Smallstorm, for their hard work, research, TRUTH and FACT telling about this world we live in….I totally believe the last and 3rd final awakening is here and all better wake up.
    As I appreciate all the help and info from these 2 brave truth tellers, for them, to now, team up together in creating this amazing health products website and to have Sofia give us her expertise knowledge regarding the minerals and supplements our bodies are being robbed of, as I believe it’s due to an evil, malevolent, fallen world system we live in, is not only ESSENTIAL and expedient to live a healthy life but truly necessary especially during the times we live in.

    Now, regarding the iodine, all i can say is WOW and thank you Jesus!!!!I I have been taking the iodine daily for the last past 2 weeks and I did not even realize how iodine deficient I was because I now feel so much better!!!!! I have ENERGY, clearer thinking and since i am one the 5% of women who have severe menopause symptoms (I’m talking almost to the point of being debilitating) I have been searching high and low for alternative, organic, healthy supplements to help ease my symptoms. I have even changed my lifestyle to help combat my excessive symptoms by exercising every day, a complete overall of my diet & food choices (Thanks, especially to SGT report and Sofia, for telling me about Monsanto, GMOS, etc) and drinking only alkaline water. Sadly, no patient will EVER hear from so called medical “Drs” to take the supplements and minerals GOD made for our body! It’s appalling an disgusting regarding the medical assoc because the love of money blinds them from their hippocratic oath! The ONLY thing my medical “Dr” gave me 2 yrs ago for my menopause was HRT (You know how EVERY Dr’s office PROMOTES big evil pharma and their demonic, synthetic, harmful prescription drugs that dole out like Pez candy that causes cancer, blood clots, death, etc) but now I’m truly on the road to recovery as I refuse to take big pharma’s death pills as i go a healthier route working on my complete and total lifestyle change by the GRACE of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I must say as well, my husband and I both ALSO love the magnesium!!!! It really does help with sore muscles and pain! My husband has horrible carpal tunnel syndrome and the Drs wanted to operate, but your magnesium cream seems to be doing the trick as his pain is not an issue anymore! It also helps me with getting my sleep because, in menopause, you don’t get a good night’s rest.

    In closing, I know this was long but when I benefit from something, i WANT the world to know, so they too can be helped as well. As an extremely busy mom of 3, I am also a Co-Pastor with my husband of a beautiful small town church in SW Pa and I have a small YouTube channel called, Trisha Dishing I will be talking about these products on there. I also want to make sure that i take the time out to give kudos and props to the people like Sean and Sofia who are working tirelessly in educating the world about what is really happening in ALL aspects of this beautiful thing, our Creator God gave us, called LIFE. Thanks again Sean and Sofia!

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